This is our 35th anniversary. Many employees this was their first job. it was a special time and we celebrated at Mama Chello's. 
A RI style Italian restaurant. For those who worked there or knew people enjoy these memories of begining of summer party!

some ate - some danced - the summer is here!

now off to the summer season!!!!!!!!!!!!




An Evening With Dianne Carol And Vic Damone  
June 30

Backstage photo - star trailer

An Evening With Randy Travis  
with the Burch Sisters
July 1

nice to see old friends


An Evening With Laura Branigan  
July 6

An Evening With George Carlin - Dennis Blair  
July 7

An Evening With Kool & The Gang  
July 8

Sugar Babies starring Phil Ford & Mimi Hines

July 9

An Evening With Howie Mandel  
July 11


An Evening With Michael Damian  
"Rock on Tour"
July 12

An Evening With Neil Sedaka  
with Charlie Quintal
July 13

An Evening With Willie Nelson & family
July 14

An Evening With Air Supply  
July 15
Snow White
July 18 11 a.m.

An Evening With the Preservation Hall Jazz Band  
July 19


An Evening With The Everly Brothers  
July 20


An Evening With Expose  
July 21
Missy Menders backstage in star trailer


An Evening With Sammy Davis Jr  
July 22

best shot of Dad with Sammy - real friendship + had fun!


An Evening With Don Williams  
July 23 

Mother Goose
July 25 11 a.m.

An Evening With The Temptations And The O'Jays
July 26


California Dream'in  - Mamas and Papas + 
Maria Muldaur + Canned Heat + Brewer & Shipley + New Riders 
July 27


An Evening With Engelbert  
July 28


An Evening With Sergio Franchi  
July 29

(a close friend of Mom & Dad) - Cheryl Schadone & Ava Franchi

An Evening With The Judds
with Carl Perkins  
July 30

hanging out on the "Tour Bus"


World Wrestling Federation
July 31
                             Bam Bam Bigelo and Savio Vega

Little Red Riding Hood
August 1 11 a.m.
An Evening With Fats Domino
with Back Issue  

August 3 
An Evening With Kenny Rogers  
with Holly Dunn

August 4

An Evening With Paul Anka  
August 5
 the biggest ass hole I ever met (Close is Jerry Lewis) -Story behind letter below - Dad, as well as other summer theatres booked Paul Anka many times. At that time most stars were playing week long engagements. Paul always put on a great Show for the public but backstage and all week he was a nightmare to live with. The final straw came the year Paul stated no hotel in Rhode Island was good enough for him so he would stay in a New York Hotel. Every night he would sit on the runway in New York in his private plane and when the opening act took the stage at the tent he would allow the pilot to depart. Upon arrival at T F Green (aka Hillsgrove) we would have a police escort to take him to the tent to do his show. With the opening act approx 25-30 minutes and the tent was 10 minutes from the airport he had 40 minutes. He would arrive, go into the star trailer, then walk down star aisle do the show and leave. He did not want to spend one extra minute in Rhode Island than necessary. We all put up with things like that until one night Paul's plane was fogged in an our audience had to wait 50 minutes for him to arrive. At the end of the week Dad said good-bye and the summer continued. The next year the head of the agency called Dad to say he said something to Paul and Paul was not happy! All the summer theatre's decided not to have Paul Anka play their venue that year (this took place in the future), even though business was good, not great. The head of the agency knew all that had happened and said to Paul, "Look they don't want you, Even Buster said NO!" Dad stated money is one thing but............... hence this letter - I promised Dad Paul Anka would never work for this family again. Even after Dad died my feeling never changed. So I decided to post this!


An Evening With The Smothers Brothers
with Jim Stafford

August 6 

The Three Little Pigs
August 8 11 a.m.

Evening At La Cage   
August 9

An Evening With Reba McEntire
Skip Ewing
August 11

hanging out during the day - a special Lady

An Evening With Tom Jones  
August 12
Sleeping Beauty
August 15 11 a.m.

An Evening With Tiffany & New Kids On The Block  
August 16

An Evening With Crystal Gayle
August 17


An Evening With Buddy Hackett 
& Sandy Hackett

August 18


An Evening With Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons 
& the Four Tops  
August 19

                                                                                             behind me is Frankie Valli
You’ve heard of The Temptations and hit songs like, “I Can’t Help Myself,” or The Four Tops and, “Reach Out I’ll Be There.”  Between them, these artists have sold millions of albums. They are names that represent some of the biggest talent that ever came out of Detroit in the heyday of Motown Records. Today, they’re still performing concerts across the globe. No doubt, on those warm summer nights when you have the top down on the car, you’re listening to a tape or CD that brings back that Motown sound we all grew up to love and cherish from the 60s, 70s and 80s. When the “Temps” and the “Tops” played the Warwick Musical Theatre, you could always see the audience singing along with the tunes that had become so familiar to generations young and old. Their concerts were long – often at least two hours – but fans never grew tired of that Motown beat and the performers recognized that – returning to the ‘Tent’ often. Many of the songs these performers sang were about happiness and good times and the up side of life. There was so much energy in their concerts that the audience would sometimes rise to their feet and cheer at the end of a favorite selection, or just clap along in unison with the rhythm.  Since we were a seasonal venue, only open from the spring through to the summer, these acts were perfect. Southern New Englanders wanted to enjoy the good weather while it lasted, knowing full well our rough winters were just around the corner. The Temptations and The Four Tops knew how to deliver fabulously exciting shows, filled with timeless hits that wowed concertgoers. The Bonoff Family is grateful they brought their Motown magic to Rhode Island . We hope that you agree.  

An Evening With The Jets  
August 20

August 22 11 a.m.

An Evening With Sha Na Na  
August 23

The Fixx
August 24


An Evening With Connie Francis  
August 25

       Front cover                                       Back cover


An Evening With Barbara Mandrell  
August 26
An Evening With Jay Leno
August 27 

An Evening With Wayne Newton  
August 30 


An Evening With America & Three Dog Night 
August 31  

An Evening With Bill Cosby  
September 1


An Evening With Roy Clark  
September 2


The end of the 80's - the business appeared to becoming more business than fun - maybe my age is...............